About Me

Experienced musician, composer and music producer, with home-studio and 4k video equipment. Recording gear: CUBASE 7.5, RME audio interface, Monitoring GENELEC 1031a and vintage JBL 4310, Mics NEUMANN U87ai, KM148, Microphone Parts C-12, Peluso, SHURE, Beyerdynamic, Preamps SPL Channel One, Kypo Tube x2, Vintage AMIX solid state, Some vintage synths and FX hardware. For my video work please visit VIDEO25.FR


Some of my favorite gear



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My Services.

Music production, recording, mixing, mastering, video production.

Music Production

Music production of young artistes, royaltyfree instrumental music tracks,

Recording, mixing, mastering

Lots of projects have been recorded, mixed and masterised in my home studio.

Promotion, distribution

Collaboration with medias, social networks and iMusicianDigital distribution services

Video Production

Video production of clips and teasers. Please visit VIDEO25.FR


Developping artists' s career, respecting their music style and personality


Songwriting, recording, distribution, promotion

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